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Inhalter vun der Säit ginn an anere Sproochen net ënnerstëtzt.
Sujet derbäisetzen
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While written identical, the 1st person form is pronounced with a different tone, and therefore I indicated it separately. --Ooswesthoesbes (Diskussioun) 14:33, 8. Abr. 2022 (UTC)Äntweren

sorry I didn't realise the difference in IPA. Maybee explanation would be usefull because I think most of the users (as I) don't realise the difference in IPA. B.g. --Les Meloures (Diskussioun) 14:47, 8. Abr. 2022 (UTC)Äntweren
Yes, of course. I think it would be good to add something like "with dragging tone" to the infinitive forms, and "with pushing tone" to the conjugated form. For more information, see: [1]. The pitch accent should also exist in Luxembourgish (probably to a less prominent degree), so there may be specific Luxembourgish terminology for those terms. ([2]: German Schleifton vs Stoßton) --Ooswesthoesbes (Diskussioun) 15:16, 8. Abr. 2022 (UTC)Äntweren